THINGS I LOVE (in no particular order)

  • Fried Green Tomatoes (the food not the flick)
  • Jesus
  • Banjo Music/Acoustic Guitar but I can't play either
  • Fun Jewelry
  • My Frye Boots
  • Dancing in my kitchen to 90's Music
  • My Boys (I have 3 plus my hubs)
  • Psalm 19 
  • Whole Foods Salads (who is back there making that magic?)
  • Warm Sunny Days
  • Chocolate
  • Black French Roast Coffee


  • Y'all (I lived in TN and earned the right)
  • Good Gravy!/Good Gracious!
  • Holy Bananas!!


My desire is to bless each one of my clients with a positive, relaxed and fun experience that will produce genuine images for years to come.  We will have a pre-session consultation to help choose the best wardrobe and location for your session.  Portrait and Senior sessions are booked within 2 hours of sunset unless special requests are made.  This is to ensure we get beautifully soft and warm lighting that will best reflect the beauty of nature and of course, you!  For couples, we will have pre-engagement session dialog about the feel you want your images to convey.  Personal styling assistance will be offered at that time.  And for weddings...well, I strive to capture as much as the eye would see on that day for you to enjoy for years to come.  IT IS TRUE!  You spend months to years planning and then the happiest day of your life just seems to zoom right by.  Luckily I am there to freeze time for you and make a time capsule of the laughs, smiles, tears and straight up FUN of the day. That's my job!!

 I cannot wait to start creating with you!